United Arab Emirates

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Sea to See is currently offering an authentic experience in the United Arab Emirates. Explore the beauty and contrasts of Old Dubai, to the history and culture in Abu Dhabi. From the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula to the cosmopolitan city of Dubai, we invite you to experience and explore the history, culture, and significance of this beautiful nation.  



From the serene beaches of the Arabian Gulf, to the sites, sounds and history of the Old City, you will discover all that Dubai has to offer.  Our trips ensure that you have the opportunity to explore all of the areas of Dubai, by day or by night.  

Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi offers an alternative view of the United Arab Emirates.  Discover the beauty and peacefulness of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque and experience the magnitude and awe of the vast desert landscapes of the Arabian Peninsula.  

Your Local Guide

We are happy to introduce you to Mohamed Mawlana, your local guide for your time in the United Arab Emirates. 

At Sea to See, our goal is to ensure that your experience in Arabia provides you with a true taste of life in this region, and to fully experience and connect with locals throughout your stay. We personally screen and hand select each of our local guides to ensure that we meet this objective and provide you with only the most knowledgeable, personable, and safe guides in the region. At Sea to See, we do the work to provide the structure and foundation so that you can relax, enjoy, explore and experience a deeper understanding and cultural connection with the local customs, people and culture. 

Born in Yemin, and educated at Cairo University, Mawla specializes in the culture, traditions, religion and history of Arabia and the unique perspectives of the new Emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Mawla has worked with clients from around the world and is fluent in Arabic, English and German. Together with Sea to See, Mawla works to ensure you have a unique cultural experience of this Arabian Nation.  

We are pleased to have Mawla as a part of the Sea to See Family.  

Sample Itineraries

Old Dubai Culture


Visit the Bastakiya area, one of the oldest places in Dubai, mingle with locals and sample local Arabian coffee and local dates at the Coffee Museum.  Visit the Dubai Museum to learn about the history of the UAE.  Experience the authentic markets and enjoy the atmosphere, sights and smells of the Textile Souk, Spice Souk and Gold Souk.    

Desert Safari


Experience the Arabian Desert in all of its beauty and magnitude.  Enjoy a unique and unforgettable Dune Bashing experience with your private driver and guide and optional Sand Surfing.  Amazing photographic opportunities await you at sunset in the desert.  Ride a camel, and enjoy a traditional buffet dinner, and local entertainment in a local desert camp before returning to your hotel that evening.  

Abu Dhabi


Enjoy a private visit to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque (Grand Mosque) in Abu Dhabi to experience Islamic life and religion.  You will discover the importance of Islam and religious practices that take place in this awe-inspiring Mosque.  Following this visit, you will explore the local Heritage Museum to discover the lifestyles of the local Emirate people.  

Dancing Fountain


On this evening tour, you will experience the iconic symbols of Dubai - the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountain.  Experience the beauty and awe of this famous fountain, followed by a magical experience to the top of the Burj Khalifa - boasting the highest observation deck in the world.  

Old Dubai by Night


Experience the beauty and wonder of Old Dubai by night.  You will enjoy the life and energy that awakens the city by night.  Explore the Gold, Spice and Textile Souks and the Bastakiya region of Old Dubai.  You will end your day with dinner in a traditional Arabian restaurant, and can try local authentic flavors such as camel milk, fresh juices and camel kebabs.  

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

"Mohamed was our private guide on an amazing tour through Old Dubai, the Souks, and Abu Dhabi. As a native Arab, he truly understands and lives the local culture. Mohamed's genuine hospitality and warm friendly style made this trip an unforgettable experience. He is extremely knowledgeable of  Arabian history and culture and explained the roots of Islam to us in a very clear and meaningful way. As two female travelers, we felt completely safe and taken care of during our entire stay. I highly recommend Mohamed as the top guide in Dubai and would personally recommend him and Sea to See Travel to future clients. "  - Camilla 

"I would highly recommend Mohamed for anyone, a family group or adult group and I am sure that you would be delighted with your decision :) "  - Yesmin

 "It was a great day!  Yes, very hot but we were immersed in the culture. 

Our guide Anwar was wonderful."  - Jill H.  

"We wanted to say how brilliant you were on our tour and it was life changing!  You inspired us all from giving us insight into your world, beliefs, culture and wonderful and beautiful country.  I am serious when I say you were genuine, informative,in a natural way, honest in explaining the challenges we are all facing.  You are not like what we expected from the usual guides.  We loved your humor that created a fun way of exploring your world...we are recommend you to everyone and are saying how wonderful you are!"  - Tim, Paula, and Sarah  

"He is such an excellent Tour guide, so friendly and he knows each and everything in the country. The best part is that you feel safe and excited being with a native guide. I really enjoyed so much my time there and he was so helpful as he let me experienced Arabic food, and Arabic customs. I recommend this Man for anyone especially families, Friends,and Groups."  - Mohamed 

"Best guide in Dubai by far! Knows everything about Dubai and speaks perfect English. Had a great tour of Abu Dhabi and the Grand Mosque. Mohamed arranged everything flawlessly. Showed us tons of great restaurants and authentic food, nightlife and fun. A fantastic find!!!" - Francesca

"Sea to See Travel is extremely flexible with working with your schedule.  The best way to spend 5 hours!  Mawla is a really cool guy.   I had the best layover and I got to experience authentic food, Old Dubai and Modern Dubai.  I loved every second!  He is very knowledgeable about the city and knows exactly how much to budget for transportation costs and what to see.  I highly recommend Sea to See Travel for all travelers! I loved it!"  - Manuel

"My husband and i had the pleasure of participating in this tour, we learned so much about Dubai culture and history and the Muslim culture that reading a textbook couldn't have gotten us.  Mohamed is an amazing tour guide , he was thorough answering the questions, extremely patient and made our tour feel extremely personal. we visited the Museums, spice souk and the amazing gold souk ." - Doa