Our Story


Sea to See was born from my life-long passion for travel, service and cultural interaction with people and communities from around the globe. The opportunities that I had living and travelling abroad, experiencing different cultures, people, languages, foods, and adventures has made a tremendous impact on my life. These experiences have taught me the importance of cross cultural communication and the many benefits of forming friendships and bonds with those offering a different cultural perspective.    

Over the years, I have continued to pursue my passion for travel, now, with a greater understanding of my role in the world and the importance of providing opportunities for others to experience the same cultural connections and understanding. I believe that it is through true authentic experiences that we will develop a deeper understanding of people and cultures. Each opportunity made a mark on my life – through service to children in rural northeast Thailand, to deep cultural experiences in the Middle East, Cuba, or Asia.  With each experience, I have discovered that behind our differences, we are all truly the same.

With the birth of Sea to See, I have a new level of purpose and fulfillment and share my passion with those who would like to experience similar growth through meaningful travel.  I have personally created each trip offered through Sea to See with this goal in mind…to provide meaningful travel opportunities by crossing cultural boundaries, and providing opportunities for understanding and embracing cultural differences to make a lasting impact.   

I invite you to join me in this journey, to open your heart, and open your mind to fully appreciate and understand the connections that we all have in the world around us.   

Stay a While. Make a Difference.