Social Impact

Sea to See Coordinated Projects and Outreach


Over the years, Sea to See has initiated and organized grassroots outreach efforts with local schools and organizations to give back in support of local educational and health initiatives.  Our aim is to help improve the lives of children and families in impoverished areas around the globe.

Below is an overview of our outreach efforts and communities that we support.         

2017, 2018     Havana, Cuba

2017     Karonga, Malawi:  St. Mary’s Secondary School 

2017     Embera Tribes,  Panama

2016     Udon Thani, Thailand:  Nam Thieng Primary School 

2016     Appalachia Region, US:  Glenmary Mission, Camp Fiesta 

2015     Grasse, France:  Mont Venteaux Primary School

2014     Salelologa, Savai’i, Samoa: Don Bosco High School 

2013     Vietnamese Street Children 

2012     Banica, Dominican Republic: Medical Supplies

2011     Springbok, South Africa: St. Anna’s School

Our Outreach


Nam Thieng Primary School, Udon Thani, Thailand

Dear Inge, 

On behalf of everyone at Gecko Villa, we just wanted to write to wish you every continued success with Sea to See Travel.  For us, it is always encouraging to meet selective travel agents who place a premium on meaningful travel experiences that promote cultural interaction and awareness. Ideals are one thing, but when we see the smile that lights up a child's face upon receiving a  gift at a village school, or the laughter of a rice farmer in a forgotten corner of Thailand as a visitor tries to control a water buffalo, we know the experience is one that will make a difference. A difference in the life of the local, but also in that of the visitor.

You will recall that the school children and head teacher at our local village school asked us to write to thank you following your visit to the school and your very kind donation of over 100kg of useful supplies and gifts. This was a complete windfall for them, and we are only too aware of the logistics that were required for you to make that possible. As we said at the time, "...your stay reinvigorated us & reinforced our belief that responsible tourism is a force for good. We cannot thank you enough."

With best wishes to you and your team, 

Bongkot, on behalf of everyone at Gecko Villa and of the pupils at Nam Thieng School

 TOGETHER, we will explore the world, GIVE BACK, make a difference, and CREATE LASTING IMPRESSIONS each step of the way.