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Legal Travel for Americans to Cuba


YES!!!!  It is possible to travel to Cuba as a US Citizen. The new US Treasury Department guidelines issued on November 8, 2017 for OFAC Educational and People to People state, “1) All People-to-People nonacademic educational travel be conducted under the auspices of an organization that is subject to US Jurisdiction and that sponsors such exchange to promote people-to-people contract and 2) such travelers be accompanied by a person subject to US jurisdiction who is a representative of the sponsoring organization. Individual People-to-People nonacademic education all travel will no longer be authorized.” 

What does this mean for me????

These new guidelines mean that you may travel to Cuba under the People-to-People Travel Category legally through a licensed US agency like Sea to See Travel LLC. We provide full custom itineraries to ensure that you are in full compliance with all OFAC Educational and People to People regulations. Each trip is focused on solely supporting the local Cuban people. All our accommodations, cooks, drivers, guides, and restaurants are owned by local Cubans, creating opportunities and improving the lives of local Cubans through promoting cultural understanding and connections with the Cuban people. 

Our focus is to ensure that each of our clients can make connections and learn about Cuban culture and people through privately guides tours and daily interactions with local Cubans.   

“We have strengthened our Cuba policies to channel economic activity away from the Cuban military and to encourage the government to move toward greater political and economic freedom for the Cuban people.” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.  

Come with us for your next adventure and to explore and discover the beautiful people of Cuba. We provide exclusive, custom trips and tours for our clients…. working within your travel budget and timeline, to ensure that you have a memorable and authentic experience.

I hope to see you in Cuba. 



Sea to See Travel LLC   

Travel Guidelines for Legal Travel to Cuba